IBAN withdrawal never arrived

HungpHungp Posts: 5 Tin ✭
My confirmed withdrawal in EUR to European IBAN account never arrived and it has been 10 days. Bank information is perfectly correct and I've checked with the bank - there's no incoming payment to my account from Gold Money.

I've had hard time trying to reach customer service within GoldMoney expected time frame but the message must be lost somewhere in company's inbox.

It's also appreciated if someone share your experience about your account withdrawal to European bank.



  • Marco_1983Marco_1983 Posts: 22 Tin ✭
    I'm from EU as well and, even though I've never tried to withdraw from GoldMoney, I know that, in general, international money transfers may take up to 7-10 business days.

    However, this does not justify the lack of customer service. It seems quite a few users are experiencing delays of any types, and can't see why customer service won't at least keep them up to date.
  • HungpHungp Posts: 5 Tin ✭
    Thank you, Marco for your input. I also know that the SWIFT transfer may take up to 7 or 10 days to settle in designated account. However, in my case (EUR) GoldMoney asked for IBAN address which should be much more faster than traditional SWIFT.
    There's a big communication gap between GoldMoney and client like us, I can't even tell if they really did process the payment or not.
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