New Simplified Holding Sign-Up Flow Coming Soon

Dear Community,

In addition to my recently announced changes to the client service team, I would also like to announce that we are working on sweeping changes to the Holding sign-up process and flow. We have heard the criticism loud and clear and I agree that we must find a better balance between the old "BitGold" style quick sign-up and the regulatory requirements imposed by the JFSC for the Goldmoney Holding.

This past week, the engineering and compliance teams have worked together to come up with a streamlined sign up flow for the Holding. I recommend that any Network users considering opening a Holding wait a week or so until we unveil these. I assure you that once we deploy these changes, opening a Holding and becoming a client will be much smoother.

As for features, all the features we have promised are being added to the Holding and far more. Stay tuned and look out for the upcoming announcements.

As always, thank you for your continued support and trust.

Roy Sebag
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