Minimizing costs using Revolut + Goldmoney

Dear Goldmoney Community,

as I am waiting for my holding to be verified I thought I'd theorize a bit on how to minimize costs when funding and withdrawing the holding.

1st funding the holding would be easy, just use a bank wire or direct bank transfer for free. One could use a Revolut account for this for example and do a direct SEPA transfer. Or just simply use a normal bank account.

2nd though withdrawing money from the holding usually costs quite a bit. 15€ for a wire transfer for example. The only free option in Europe would be a UK BACS transfer in pounds. I am wondering if I could use my Revolut account for this as well? After all when checking this site ( it says the Revolut sort code and account can receive BACS payments.

I am wondering, has anyone else tried doing this, has anyone else withdrawn or funded money using a Revolut account? Or do you have another way as to minimize costs?

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