Are you serious GM?

Been a client for 2 years and everything worked great.
Transferred to holding but now I require further verification eve tough I already sent photos of my license and proof of address etc.
I failed the online Equifax verification even though I answered all of the questions accurately.
I called the support line and the due tells me I nee to mail in the Equifax forms(annoying) and I need to include: a "certified copy" of passport(whatever that means), 2(more) forms of proof of address and a salary verification from my boss!
Is this for real? Is GM trying their hardest to lose customers? Why is this so difficult?

Wish list as a veteran Bitgold(Goldmoney) member: STOP with this nonsense! I am trying to use your service and give you my money and you are trying to stop me. Please fix this.


  • paddy10tellyspaddy10tellys Posts: 223 Bronze ✭✭✭
    I've just completed the hoop-jumping palava but I think it was worth the effort. Swapped some gold for silver.

    All GM need to do now is exchange metals directly for crypto & vice-versa

    Vaultoro does the gold BTC swap thing a lot better imo...
  • GrandpaBrianGrandpaBrian Posts: 674 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    I just tried out this "Equifax verification" myself @AmsterdamDan and had a similar experience as you. I was asked a bunch of questions that had nothing to do with my life (clearly they had other people's stuff in their files) and was rejected. Given the recent revelations about their system being hacked, I almost took the rejection as a badge of honour. Then when I printed out the forms I too was confused. How do I get employment confirmation when I have been retired for years and before that I was my own boss for decades?

    It does seem that they are working with a "one size fits all" approach that is causing frustration for many of us.

    I still have my original account and I am in no particular hurry to get a Holding account. I was wondering if I could get this matter cleared up if I brought my documents to the new Avenue Rd location and met with one of the Goldmoney reps there. You know, like popping in to a bank branch and having a wee chat with the manager.

    Clearly this issue of customer service is an ongoing challenge.
  • GMGriffinGMGriffin Posts: 3 Tin ✭
    does anyone know how long does it typically take to get the account verified? I provided all the documentation GM requested, passed the equifax verification, and still months later I see the account still not verified. It's must be embarrassing for GM, but it seems like they don't care. I'm considering other options as this has been so far a very disappointing experience.
  • Midas65Midas65 Posts: 11 Tin ✭
    Back in September, I attempted to get my holding approved through Equifax, that did not work.
    I got frustrated with the online stuff, so I photocopied my passport, drivers licence, and property tax and pay statement and took them ( and the originals) to a lawyer to get certified and stamped, then shipped them by FedEx to Jersey .
    I got an email 2.5 weeks later saying my holding was fully approved and activated.
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