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  • 79Au197
    I've been gone for a while. Just saw that you are now an admin. CONGRATULATIONS!
    October 12
  • mr1
    Hey Goldmatters, there isn't any way to private message users is there? I couldn't find one so I'll just ask here. I was wondering if I might possibly give you a call to chat about a few things related to Goldmoney sometime. Thanks.
    September 20
  • MacMelvyn
    Hi Goldmoney,

    You're OK, even with a small m!

    Thanks for your update, I can imagine many of us actually feel the same way.
    Actually I started to gripe a bit mainly because of not understanding stuff.
    That lessened with some experience and also some understanding.

    When you consider the amount of physical work that has to be carried-out with the necessary documentation alone.
    It must be enormous.

    Anyway, this is just to say that you put how I feel about our founders and the help we can be to many.
    I am mainly located just now in Southern Sweden just opposite Copenhagen.
    Do let me know if you're travelling at any time or if you need some physical local support.

    I've been informing people and operations regarding IT solution a good part of my life and have started spreading the pluses of Goldmoney.

    I also believe there's a place for Crypto currency and don't see any conflict of interest between the two at all.
    Both are badly needed in my book.

    Keep it up you're badly needed /MM
    September 14
  • GoldNRoll
    Hello @Goldmatters. First of all, congratulations for your new role with Goldmoney! It feels good to know that someone who cares listens the community all the time :) In October I will participate to the largest Internet fair in South Eastern Europe, IMWorld. The list of participants and speakers is impressive.
    E-commerce, digital marketing and fintech are main themes. I intend to use the opportunity for networking, to give business cards and talk about gold as money and Gold'N'Roll. Since I usually get asked on how people would keep and exchange gold, I will mention Goldmoney. The GM visa card that I have will surely help :)
    If you want to advertise even more GM at the fair, by exhibiting in a small booth or/and by sending me a GM T-shirt to wear, promo materials to give away and documentation that I could learn in exchange of a daily allowance, please contact me at contact at Cheers! Alexandru
    September 11
  • Elias0494
    good morning I spoke to you because I have problems with my goldmoney account I want to change my gold for money but the account will not let me I have 1,234 grams aver if you can help me
    September 4