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Hi there, my name is Melanie and I'm your friendly neighbourhood Admin! You may have spoken to me via our Goldmoney Support channels. Feel free to give a shout @Melanie if you need help, have a question, or want to say hello!


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  • Bancers
    Hi Melanie, I am trying a problem resolved. Below is layout of the communication taken place over the last few days concerning my requesting Pre-paid MasterCard for my wife Jeannie Wilson and not being able to redeem any funds to my own Pre-paid Card. I find it hard to understand that by requesting a card for my wife would interfere with me redeem funds. Please find attached for your review my communication with the Wealth Holding Team.

    John Wilson

    MasterCard Pre-paid Card
    June 26, 2017

    [Attached file: 67-58-59-R--184906--1498504164--4.PNG]

    Holding 67-58-
    June 28
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  • DiegoVilla
    your account has been suspended

    mi cuenta ha sido suspendida por que?
    June 12
  • opti
    Hello @Melanie ...

    my referral link is

    I would like to add my ID to the end of of the live chart link so people who look at the chart from my link, can click the button saying "Open a Free Account", get identified as being my referrals and be credited to me.

    Will this work or do I have to come up with another URL for this idea? Please let me know real soon, ok ... :)

    June 6
  • marvin126
    Hi Melanie, @Melanie

    Can you please help me? I deposited USD5,000 via international wire transfer last May 30 and the transaction is still pending on my account page. The funds have already been deducted from my bank in Singapore. I also sent the Royal Bank of Canada bank confirmation code via email to Stephanie from support but have not gotten any response. I'm worried about losing the funds entirely based on the many messages on this site and on trustpilot. Any feedback would be helpful please.
    June 5
    Redeeming gold via Bank Transfer


    I'm still waiting for a bank transfer - the transaction was made on the 4th of May...

    And still no money on my bank account...
    May 30
  • Campeador
    I have a Pending Purchase since May 18. What is the status and if is possible; Hong Kong seems to be accepting purchases rather quick. Can I change the vault location to Hong Kong from Dubai?
    May 31