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Hi there, my name is Melanie and I'm your friendly neighbourhood Admin! You may have spoken to me via our Goldmoney Support channels. Feel free to give a shout @Melanie if you need help, have a question, or want to say hello!


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      Congratulations on your new badge TLM!
  • DiegoVilla
    your account has been suspended

    mi cuenta ha sido suspendida por que?
    June 12
  • opti
    Hello @Melanie ...

    my referral link is

    I would like to add my ID to the end of of the live chart link so people who look at the chart from my link, can click the button saying "Open a Free Account", get identified as being my referrals and be credited to me.

    Will this work or do I have to come up with another URL for this idea? Please let me know real soon, ok ... :)

    June 6
  • marvin126
    Hi Melanie, @Melanie

    Can you please help me? I deposited USD5,000 via international wire transfer last May 30 and the transaction is still pending on my account page. The funds have already been deducted from my bank in Singapore. I also sent the Royal Bank of Canada bank confirmation code via email to Stephanie from support but have not gotten any response. I'm worried about losing the funds entirely based on the many messages on this site and on trustpilot. Any feedback would be helpful please.
    June 5
    Redeeming gold via Bank Transfer


    I'm still waiting for a bank transfer - the transaction was made on the 4th of May...

    And still no money on my bank account...
    May 30
  • Campeador
    I have a Pending Purchase since May 18. What is the status and if is possible; Hong Kong seems to be accepting purchases rather quick. Can I change the vault location to Hong Kong from Dubai?
    May 31
  • COJones
    Hi Melanie .... copied from community...
    OK ... the customer service thing is just NOT GOOD! It has been 2 months since the 'card' was supposedly sent. I have left messages here. I have sent emails through the email link on the website. I have sent emails directly to . All many times! And still no response! Does the mail really take over 2 months from Canada to Oregon? Why can no one tell me a) if the card has been sent b) when it was sent c) how long should I expect it to take? ... 4) what to do if it doesn't show up.... btw I have never had anything not show up in the mail (I'm 68) I happen to own quite a lot of physical gold. I would like to have more of it with GoldMoney. I would like to be able to recommend GoldMoney to everyone ..... but I can't do that until this is fixed.
    There is no better marketing than great customer service.

    Anyone out there listening?
    April 18
    • COJones
      ......what do people have to do to get answers? ...... start harassing Goldmoney .... Roy Sebag... Josh Crumb... et al on social media???? This is a publicly traded company .... do their shareholders know what's going on?
    • J_Galt
      Well, I first heard about goldmoney from Peter Schiff in his podcasts. I guess I will be writing him now, because nothing else seems to work
  • Mylo
    Hi Melanie,

    My redemption was confirmed on April 19, but I still have not received the fund as of 13 May. May I ask you to look into the issue?

    May 12
  • Benjamin
    Hi Melanie,
    Am writing again on behalf of a friend "" whom i referred to goldmoney and is supposed to get a refund of 400Euros (since February 2017 ) because his account was closed. He has sent numerous emails to and the last time he received a reply was over 40 days ago from someone named Chris who asked him to send the statement of his account showing the debit of the said amount (which he did the same day he was asked), that your investigation team needs it for their investigation. Kindly assist with this issue even if it is just to respond to his emails so that he will no exactly what the problem is.

    Thank You.
    May 10
  • Erjuan
    I see your comment from 2016 that one can be allowed to use the same number to open a business account soon. I tried today more than a year later and I couldn't also I was not able to use the same e-mail. Is there any way around
    May 10
  • andresburitica
    mi numero es +573204359882 por favor idioma español gracias por favor llamarme
    May 9
  • SajALi
    @Melanie Today, I have deposited $20 into my Goldmoney vault but it is showing pending status. Can you please look into this. Let me know if you need further details.

    Date May 7, 2017
    Location Toronto
    Description Gold Purchase (Credit / Debit Card)
    Amount in Gold 0.500 GAU
    Status Pending
    Historical Basis $20.35 (USD)
    Price per gram $40.70 ⁄ g
    May 7
  • Keybert
    Hello @melanie, I have a similar situation, I have a friend from Bogota - Colombia who requested the card ek May 4 and has not yet arrived. What recommendations can you give me
    May 6
  • elgatoneg
    I just joined and purchased $2000 in gold. Immediately after the purchase, the value in my vault was about 1,943. I'm wondering why this was since I got the .05 % bonus added as well.
    Also, I've been trying to transfer the cash back to my paypal account which is linked and I keep getting an error on the website.Any help is much appreciated
    May 5