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  • Re: [NOT A SCAM] Leaving the site, seeking to give last little bit of gold away. First come first served

    @siteleaver what's the "snag"? Just wondering... if you are willing to disclose
  • Bill Pay (& standard banking features)

    As I am putting greater share of my M1 & M2 deposits/savings into Goldmoney, they are going to need Bill Pay features to match the utility of current checking accounts. That is one key feature that I am missing right now to make this my primary money hub. A nice to have would be the ability to write a check against my holdings as well.

    If I could direct deposit and then pay credit card & utility bills...... sold!
  • Re: More than 10 days to confirm bitcoin deposit of over $2000

    I've been wondering what GM does with the cryptos received in exchange for gold? Do they hold? If so... how long? Do they liquidate on some exchange? Are they "assets" on the books? Do cap gains go into XAU earnings? Lots of questions about the crypto/gold channel in the business model... and also from an investor's standpoint. These details should be disclosed somewhere or during earnings calls imo
  • APMEX Inventory Check Trick

    Just FYI, if you want to get an idea about inventory and scarce supply at APMEX, one trick is to enter a really high number like 9999 in the 'Qty' input box, and an error message pops up saying the number of units that are available to buy if it's less than that.

    For example, say you wanted to buy 100 - 1 oz gold bars from their secondary market in one order.... you couldn't do it. There are only 92 available at the time of writing.

    There have been posts about transparency of available gold grams to buy "instantly" on the Goldmoney platform, so this is somewhat related. Thought you'd all find this interesting!
  • Re: Poor stock performance

    I'll try to keep this as objective as possible.

    The 500 day EMA just came into view at about $4.17. We're trading below $3 currently... with negative momentum technically.
    The selling over the past 4 days appears to be tactical by whoever is shorting. It appears to be deliberate to keep the 30EMA from crossing above the 50EMA... or to prevent the slope (or derivative) of the EMAs from turning positive---the slopes of 30, 50, 90, and 200 EMAs were/are all negative.

    The subjective part: Whoever is manhandling this stock from a trading perspective is either reeeally good at what they do, or they have unlimited resources. (I'm guessing the latter).

    I'm hoping someone else who has "unlimited" resources doubles/triples down (buying) on the their positions to squeeze the short(s) out so that we can have real price discovery on a revolutionary idea and platform.

    p.s. I am not the short :wink: