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  • Re: Holding vs Personal Account

    almost correct @Zman ... The Holding does have a storage credit program, so if you do transact monthly from your holding (e.g. purchases, metal-to-metal transfers etc), then part of their commissions would be credited to your storage. So you have to be kinda smart about it if you want to reduce your storage fees.

    You are definitely correct about off-ramping and withdrawing from a Holding vs a Personal account. ACH or something faster is needed.
    Both accounts have their pros (e.g. metal and currency diversity with Holding and now Bitcoin vs optimal low-fee liquid Gold in the Personal account). Newbies only have one option, so it'd be great to get all the features functional in the Holding.

    Some have said that they feel like their money is "hostage" in the Holding; I find that a bit extreme; but you definitely need to weigh the pros and cons before transferring GAUs from Personal to Holding ...until Holding has full offerings and capabilities.

    Just my 2ggs.
  • Re: Goldmoney Announces Spinoff Strategy and Public Listing of Menē Inc. on TSX Venture Exchange

    This is a fork! Brilliant ;)
  • Mene Inventory

    Would love to see more inventory available for purchase at Mene.
    Any updates known?
  • Goldmoney China

    Looks like some BIG news is coming this week:
  • Re: You Deserve Better - Sweeping Changes to CS Coming!

    @Powerlunchmoney I agree. I still logon often, but the complaints/support issues were getting to me honestly. I didn't want to take the extra time to sift through it all. And I've mentioned before that an open forum runs the risk of damaging the brand and trust in the company.

    That said...

    There will be a lot to discuss on the upcoming earnings call. I hope that Roy et al address some of the growing pains and prospects:
    -customer support availability
    -Holding account verification time and process... and the rate of new users and platform adoption.
    -the extent to which users are diversifying their portfolio of metals and currencies (i.e. are users using the metal to metal transfers etc)
    -Additional ways of getting money OUT of holding (ACH... and why are card load fee 1% on Holding)
    -Timing on ColdBlocks and crypto purchase/sales/holdings
    -Mene inventory update
    -Status on Toronto Branch traffic and Next branch.
    -Roadmap/timing for the "exchange" part of the company

    Their stock has done quite well this year, but there is still a lot of work to do.
    Looking forward to hearing about (and see them follow through with) these items.