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  • Re: You Deserve Better - Sweeping Changes to CS Coming!

    @Powerlunchmoney I agree. I still logon often, but the complaints/support issues were getting to me honestly. I didn't want to take the extra time to sift through it all. And I've mentioned before that an open forum runs the risk of damaging the brand and trust in the company.

    That said...

    There will be a lot to discuss on the upcoming earnings call. I hope that Roy et al address some of the growing pains and prospects:
    -customer support availability
    -Holding account verification time and process... and the rate of new users and platform adoption.
    -the extent to which users are diversifying their portfolio of metals and currencies (i.e. are users using the metal to metal transfers etc)
    -Additional ways of getting money OUT of holding (ACH... and why are card load fee 1% on Holding)
    -Timing on ColdBlocks and crypto purchase/sales/holdings
    -Mene inventory update
    -Status on Toronto Branch traffic and Next branch.
    -Roadmap/timing for the "exchange" part of the company

    Their stock has done quite well this year, but there is still a lot of work to do.
    Looking forward to hearing about (and see them follow through with) these items.
  • Re: Can I buy a t-shirt?

    @sauving Looks like you can still buy them through personal accounts:
    Redeem> Physical > Apparel

  • Re: Goldmoney MasterCard

    Try running transactions as "credit" instead of "debit". That might work.
    Even if prompted to enter your pin... hitting "enter" should still process as credit.
    I haven't gotten my pin to work at POSs, and it's been a year now, but "credit" has worked.
  • Re: Should I start using my Holding Account?

    @Marco_1983 is spot on in the last post. As someone who is just testing out the waters (and I have a decent network of HNW ppl), I would like to have more confidence in consistent customer service; in the event that I or any other customer won the lottery (literally or figuratively), the first financial services name that comes to mind should be Goldmoney. The company is not there yet. If customer service is subpar with <$10,000 , it'd be hard to not take business elsewhere. I am pretty darn patient, but I am quite surprised that customer service is still an issue.

    CS was brought up in an earnings call about a year ago; it has been all over the forum; and Roy has even made statements about it.

    I remain optimistic, but definitely still surprised.

    GM has a decent roadmap for differentiating itself from competition ( e.g. mene, coldblocks, patents, p2p, institutional, trusts, branches), but competition is increasing in the space and they cannot forget that good customer service and timely responses are a basic expectation nowadays. It would be most unfortunate if THAT were the growth inhibitor to this company. So much potential here... my fingers are crossed!
  • Re: Conversion to goldmoney holding

    Just want to clarify @Optiman when you say "converted" . If you previously had a "personal" or "business" account, and then you set up a "Goldmoney Holding" account, you are actually setting up a new account. That account should come with a holding number.

    To confirm that your holding is set-up, you should be able to login via the "Client Access" button by entering your holding number and password.
    After you are into the holding and see the dashboard, check in the header to see if you have a "Basic" or a "Full". If you want a "Full", message your relationship manager to request it (there might be additional verification necessary for this now).

    @Goldmatters or someone on the inside could add more details or point you to documentation with a step by step process, but this should work for the time being.

    We also have some active community members like @TauntFourstar and @mr1 who might be able to throw together a tutorial video for this new process.