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  • Re: Timely Deposits and Redemptions

    Same here. Personal Toronto vault for gold was fast. Silver and Platinum in Holding were like 1-2 business days to settle; still relatively fast.
    Still waiting for ACH in holding though; I'm not planning to redeem from Holding, but if I were to do it then that's what I'd want because it takes about 1 day.
  • Re: How do I get this website to work?

    @jonkelly You should be able to login with the holding number and your password. Just use the numbers and letter .... no dashes.

    (older accounts used an email address instead)
  • Re: Wait a few more days

    I'm looking forward to the launch of this new sign-up process so that I can honestly tell my friends and family the process is easy. :smile:

    Almost there!
  • Re: S&P 500 rallies to record close as Irma concerns decline; Dow jumps more than 250 points

    I think the derivatives market has a lot to do with short-term price action like this. If traders go in heavy buying puts to open or bear spreads (instead of just selling or even short selling) then the writer of those puts wants the price of the underlying stock to go up short-term... not down. Or they could sell the put, buy the stock upward (like today), then the price of the put decreases, and they can hedge or close their position or collect the spread. You have to have major capital to be able to do that though; that'd be suicide for a small-retail trader imo...because the system is fixed that way.

    @Tex markets are a complex game. Literally, a game. Market makers and CBs have made a joke of fundamentals (this is often alluded to with the term "asset bubble"). e.g. >200+ P/E for large cap stocks ... insane. $50B+ market caps with no earnings...insane. 90th+ percentile historic valuations... insane.

    However... what does this all say about the paper, derivative, fiat-based system as a whole? (my opinion... that's the joke. It takes more and more dollars to keep it all afloat... and the marginal effect of a dollar is very small and getting smaller. )
  • Re: Total Radio Silence

    So, if somebody is not an advocate for the company, their issues don't need to be resolved.
    @ilya , I did not say that. All customers are important; and all customers who are genuinely here to use the platform should be treated with the highest level of customer service.

    That said, it would not be good for the momentum of the company or the morale in the community to lose one of it's most active, engaged, and supportive customers. For example, @Goldmatters path from enthusiastic customer to a consultant/liaison at the company sends a very positive message (to me at least); but if he (or @RocketDog) were to start sharing cautionary anecdotes... and distanced themselves from the company/platform... that wouldn't be a very comforting sign.