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  • Re: Why is this guy associating Goldmoney to Soros???

    I disregard Berwick and others who slander the company. It's just not right.

    Schiff is right about so many things (ie systemic risks), but his forthright delivery are off-putting to many (even though it's usually in self-defense). I find his message refreshing --- wake up people... our numeraire is being diluted to worthlessness --- but his tone and delivery worry me sometimes bc he has/makes his fair share of "enemies". Roy's tone and delivery are a bit like that too sometimes... but I certainly do agree with the message and vision.

    That said, I think the main reasons why they teamed up are synergies and mutual benefits ... not the globalist bs:
    -BitGold/Goldmoney had the IP and they were further along in the payment software development lifecycle. Give for GM: Take for Schiff
    -Schiff had an established network and some celeb status. Give for Schiff: Take for GM.

    The Soros bit is ridiculous; he is/was an investor with a small share of the company. I don't see a problem with that.

    I do think that someone is manipulating the stock though... and I do have a problem with that... But stocks are risk assets. At the end of the day, we (GM customers, Schiff, GM leadership) are all part of a historic contrarian movement.... and that is a very challenging position to be in.

    Stay strong. Stay positive. Maintain a true moral compass. Take the high road. Peace, Love, Happiness, Gold.

    Enjoy the weekend! Peace ya'll.
  • Re: Jim Rickards - The FINAL WARNING of 2017 | The date is set | New Currency

    Jim is great, but picking dates is a fool's errand.
    That said... my date is tomorrow... or Friday .... or Monday... :wink:
  • QR Code Payments - Auto GAU conversion

    I'm wondering if GM is developing a QR code based payment option. Assuming vendors, stores, and POSs had a scanner couldn't this be a way for GM to
    1. Implement automatic conversions to GAU from the local currency.
    2. Reduce fees and expenses net for GM & consumer by not having to use a payment processor or MasterCard.

    Just a thought
  • Re: Cryptocurrency Carnage - Bitcoin Trades Below $2200, Ether Tumbles Below $200

    safest way ?

    (buy silver instead)
  • New: Funding Accounts with Credit Cards

    Roy posted today that Holdings now have the option to be funded by Credit Cards.

    I tested it out. A few things to keep in mind:
    • you are literally funding your holding with fiat...... and then you can buy metals from that fiat position.
    • there is a convenience fee (which seems fair bc otherwise it would be a 2-3% fee for Goldmoney)
    • You can save your credit card on file, but it seems like you need to place an order first (i.e. you can't just add one under "manage credit cards"... or at least it wouldn't let me do that first)
    • If you have a personal account... consider the personal to wealth vault-to-vault transfer as well... you could save a little that way (bc there are less legs with fees)
    Overall, I'm satisfied with this progress, but it would be great to see the single leg, direct purchase of metal with the credit card in the future.