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  • Re: Wishlist: Fix the Rates and Fees page

    Looks like the Beta army is in full force tonight! Lucky for GM; they'll have these bugs fixed in no time (hopefully).
    @Melanie The silver market prices are also off on that same page.
    It says:

    $16.60/g; $516.29/oz

    Do y'all know something that we don't know?!?!
    $516.29 per oz of silver would be AMAZING!! (based on monetary base that actually sounds about right to me)
  • Re: What Instant means?

    @Campeador A few months back when I was using my credit card to purchase the status was nearly instant (maybe a few minutes) to secure the gold in my account, but I agree "instant" does not necessarily mean "now". I do think that they lock you in at the price instantly, but they are dealing with physical metal. So if they need to secure more physical metal for a particular vault due to a surge in buying, then I think that's when the delays occur.

    It would be interesting if the real-time audit became even more transparent... showing what the float is in a particular vault. By "float", I mean how much bullion can actually be purchased "instantly". I might even suggest adding this transparency as an additional paid service/offering @Roy Sebag , perhaps a Personal "Premium" ... and add in a few more premium features too.

    To your point, @Campeador it is helpful to know how much you/one can buy outright at a given moment in time.

    For example, say I won powerball and decided to unload cash for gold on the platform; my guess is the float would not be sufficient. --- half joking on that. :wink:
  • Re: Goldmoney Tagline Suggestion


    "Don't put all your eggs in one basket... just buy the chicken that lays the golden eggs"

  • Ability to add Vault Names

    Every so often I'll change my vault names. Love that.

    I had fun creating these ones! :smiley:
  • Re: Very interesting aricle regarding Bitcoin and Gold

    People at work today were literally saying "Bitcoin is worth more than gold now; I gotta get some bitcoins" ... I was like oh boy, smacked my head, logged onto Goldmoney, and bought more gold.