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  • Re: Changes to physical gold redemption

    @Geezy I have to admit I am getting rather disappointed with the lack of quality service that I keep reading about. Goldmoney DOES still offer 10g gold cubes. I don't know if you spoke to somebody new or what happened. I don't think there is really any excuse for you not receiving the correct answer. I hate to waste your time but I would suggest calling them back and ask for the same thing again. If you get the same answer then ask them why they keep giving away 10 gram gold cubes on these weekly contests if it is not something they offer. If you get an answer that is not suitable. Ask to speak to their manager. I am just a small time shareholder, but I care about what I am reading. Please if you will, try again and post what happens. Thanks.
  • Re: Verification Pending After One Month

    I would be fearful of having my money with mickey mouse companies that may or may not be financially sound. I have read enough on the internet to know where I am safe. It is the security of my money we are talking about. Goldmoney is financially backed with a mountain of money and I have met both the founders along with a handful of Goldmoney staff. They have 100% of my trust. My Goldmoney account works perfect for me and I feel safer than a bank.
  • Re: Stock is on Fire - 80% up this month

    @mr1 I am sure it is fine. I have attended before when it was held in the TMX building. I don't recall anyone asking me for anything in particular to prove I was a shareholder. I was the casual guy in jeans among the crowd of suits. I think it is a great idea they are having it in the flagship branch this year.
  • Re: My wish list and True "Paper" Gold

    Thought I would share this. Last night I was talking about Menē with a friend and we had a discussion about the gold being 24 karat. She was under the impression it wasn't possible thinking the gold would be too soft. So with a quick google search about 24K jewelry a Quora answer came up. The reason why I am posting is the answer that came up was written by Roy Sebag. It gave me a "this is a small world" chuckle.

    Roy Sebag, Founder of the world's only full-reserved gold-based financial institution.
    Updated Jun 25
    For roughly 3 billion people in the Eastern world, jewelry is the same today as it was 6,000 years ago:

    Jewelry is pure 24 Karat gold.
    Prices are determined by multiplying the weight of each piece by the changing daily gold value. A minimal and transparent design fee is added above the gold value.
    Jewelry can be sold or exchanged as easily as it can be bought.
    When purchasing jewelry in the Western World you will find that:

    Items are gold plated or only 14-18 Karats (58%-75% pure) when branded as “fine”.
    The gold weight is almost never disclosed; therefore, prices are purely subjective.
    Jewelry does not maintain its original purchase value or appreciate.
    Over the past 30 years, the western jewelry industry and luxury jewelry brands have lost sight of jewelry’s historic role as a store of enduring value, seemingly forgetting that pure gold was the historic foundation that enabled jewelry to transcend time and safeguard memories as an heirloom.

    The myth that jewelry can’t be crafted with pure 24 Karat gold due to its “softness” contradicts thousands of years of history, not to mention a vibrant 24 Karat gold jewelry market in the Eastern world. While it’s true that pure gold is more malleable than other metals, it’s still hard and indestructible.

    The Indians and the rest of the emerging nations continue to treat gold jewelry as money and a store of value. That is why they demand high karatage. My recommendation is you begin demanding high karatage jewelry at an honest and transparent price.

    My latest venture Menē, which has been founded along with Diana Widmaier-Picasso designs, manufactures, and markets timeless 24 karat gold jewelry under the brand name Menē. We retail our jewelry direct-to-consumer through a transparent and empowering online shopping experience. On our website, customers can buy, sell, and exchange their jewelry by weight at the prevailing daily price for gold as quoted on the international bullion markets.

    Our mission is to change how consumers perceive jewelry, reviving the ancient tradition of jewelry as a store of enduring value and accessible savings. You can learn more via the following links:

    Mene Inc.

    Goldmoney Announces Investment in Mene Inc.
  • Re: Physical gold executive orders (6102) & all that

    @IrishGuy @paddy10tellys @RocketDog

    100% you can pick up your gold at the vault it is stored in but it would be a 1kg bar, nothing smaller. Near the beginning of the physical gold redemption options there is a button labeled "1kg Bar Vault Pickup".

    Redeeming Physical Gold
    Last Updated: Nov 14, 2016 07:21AM EST
    If you wish to redeem your gold physically, Goldmoney Personal & Business offers a variety of products for you to choose from! We have partnered with renowned precious metals dealer Dillon Gage to offer redemption by mail in the form of the 10 gram GoldCubesTM that Goldmoney Personal & Business users know and love, as well as a wide variety of high quality gold and silver items! These items are purchased using the equivalent fiat value of your gold at the time of ordering. You can also redeem 1 kilogram bars in person from the vault in which you are storing your gold.