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  • Re: Full Holding Verification Process

    Hello @jgalt32! Have you tried sending a secure message within your Holding? I have also passed your message along.
  • Community is now live for holdings

    Some good news to share.... the community is turned on and functional through a holding. Note the icon in the upper right
  • Re: Affiliate & Golden Heart

    @79Au197 is a well respected and long standing member of this community and furthermore, a #GMH. He has a very deep understanding of this platform and is one of the earliest advocates.

    I think the spirit of this six month old message that he is a huge supporter of Goldmoney with or without the referal program.
  • Re: Recent purchase / deposit charged me 0.97% which is significantly above the advertised 0.5%

    @GoldIsCurrency So true GMH and well said.

    You pioneered the "Buy gold everyday strategy." When I say pioneer, I really mean it. Has there every been a person that has been able to do this? I mean like, in the history of man?

     Lets all think about that for a minute.

    I'll wait. It's Saturday.



    Seriously, the utility that Goldmoney offers, incremental gold purchases, with recurring option, has no precedent that I am aware of in history. An automated way to purchase gold??

    Again I point to larger picture thinking.

    Why do any of us buy gold in the first place? It starts here. Why buy gold at all? Most probably buy gold because they seek an alternative to fiat currency.

    If someone starts with a certain premise they will have a certain outcome. If you are here to buy gold hoping for it to go up and make a profit, I think this may be the wrong platform for that premise. We know that gold is just money. Do you harvest $20 bills hoping that they appreciate in value so you can sell them later?

    If you are here because you want an alternative to fiat, with at least some portion of your savings, Bravo! I think this IS the right place for that.

    If you think the fees are so prohibitive that its not worth it to buy gold, no one is forcing us to use this platform. I would be totally stunned if there was anything like Goldmoney out there that offers the same utility for gold, but Im willing to keep my mind open if someone can find it.

    I know people that get very obsessed with fees. I know a guy who loves to buy silver, but he ends up not buying as much because he can't get past paying a premium.

    Example: if spot price of silver is $15, and the premium on a silver eagle was $5, he would fly into a rage and not buy it. If silver was was $20 and the spot price was $1.99 he would buy all day.

    I dont get it.

    I think our perception of fees can sometimes be emotional because we see a fee as less objective than the price of something. We feel as if the fee should or could be lower. So much so that it actually impedes our ability to make decisions and acts to our determint.

    Im rambling now but my point here is I am baffled by how much time we spend time talking about fees here. I just feel we can use our energy in more valuable ways. Would love to discuss more about how we can get more people to use Goldmoney and increase the size of the Network which would benefit ALL of us.

    For starters, the more people that use this platform the more people we can send and recieve gold FOR FREE to.

    End rant.

  • Re: Does the vault location really matter?

    @Scrooge_McDuck1 there seems to be a general consensus amongst the community that its not super material where your gold is located as far as safety and security.

    I agree with the comments of @Skookum_Jim that Zurich is very popular.

    I also agree that its not a horrible idea to spread out your total balance amongst the vaults. I have done this and so have others here.