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  • Re: Stock/share price - good news Fri numbers?

    @therooster I think in part you're correct. As the crypto and bitcoin hype faded so did the stock price. You also have the fact that the price (USD - XAUMF) was trading around and below $2 for a long time. By December people had doubled and tripled their money in a short time period and probably have started taking profits.

    You can see a lot of the good and bad at gurufocus - https://www.gurufocus.com/stock/XAUMF

    In my opinion:

    The biggest strength is the product.
    This company has Very Low - No Debt (that's really rare these days).
    The guys running the company know their product inside and out.
    The holding platform has great potential to offer more.

    The biggest unknown is the company's investment and focus in the crypto space. In the last qtr release, Roy said they would be investing heavily in that space.

    The biggest weakness for the company is its customer service. I believe they are working on this and eventually it will be the Gold Standard. With low margins this is probably the best investment they can do. Goldmoney relies heavily on repeat customers and word of mouth to grow. That only works if there is great customer service.

    There is great potential here.


    I'm interested to see if there has been any progress with the Lend, Borrow, Trust. I believe Roy was talking about doing some sort of peer-to-peer lending.

    I would also like to see if there is any progress with integrating Mene / Schiff Gold into the redemption process and if not, why?

  • Re: terrible service

  • Re: FIFO LIFO FILO Why do orders sit for weeks?

    @Powerlunchmoney please keep us updated. I had three pending orders back in December disappear for no logical reason. I sent a message to customer service asking why? Sent the message on December 13th and have never received a response.
  • Gold to Monetary Base Ratio USD

    I came across this chart by accident while I was looking for information on another investment. I found it really interesting especially when I took into account that James Turk has been saying Gold bottomed out in 2015.

  • Re: SDR and BTC

    I think Lynette Zang has talked about ACC being tied to the SDR, something like that.

    On a very simple basic beginning, SDR's and BTC's are created out of the imagination and creativity of man, right? By contrast, Gold is believed to be created by supernova nucleosynthesis.

    I realize there are vast differences between SDR's and BTC's as you take the next step out but both are world money/currency, correct?

    As BTC grows in fiat price its, function will be for higher fiat value transactions (because of fiat fees) instead of smaller transactions like daily food and entertainment. Am I correct in that thinking?