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  • Re: Changes to physical gold redemption

    @GoldIsCurrency , @geezy is correct. If you have a holding account you can't do a physical redemption unless its for 100 gm bar. Only personal accounts can do a physical redemption for the cubes and other items but that is even iffy. There are at least two people on the board who have had problems with physical redemption and I personally know someone who requested physical redemption on Nov 2nd and never received it. She tried contacting customer service and you know what happened there right? silence... no response. For a company that likes to think its upper end and high quality, it sure does provide poor customer experiences and gives the feeling that it's duct taped together. A golden C.F. if you will.
  • Re: Hi community, has anyone else of you experienced their emails to Support being ignored?

    Yes, unfortunately that is normal for GM.

    If you still have the card numbers you can transfer the money from your debit card to your GM account. If you have a holding account it will cost you 3%.
  • Re: Not Able to Withdraw Funds


    If you've just put money (currency) in your holding account via PayPal or Plastic Card (credit or debit card) but didn't purchase metals you'll be unable to withdraw the money (currency). You have to purchase metal then sell the metal in order to withdraw your money(currency).
  • Re: Not Able to Withdraw Funds

    Im a US customer. With all the posts of missing money or unable to withdraw or not receiving physical I wanted to test it out myself. I have been able to sell everything in my holding account, load the debit card and withdraw it. No problem. In the year I've been a client I have never had a problem withdrawing funds from my Goldmoney personal, business or holding account. A family member who still has a personal account just requested physical delivery so I'm not able to give an update on that.

    Now with all that being said customer service is the weakest link here and has been going steadily down hill over that past year. The guys who run Goldmoney say one thing but deliver something else. Actions speak louder than words. So that tells me customer service is not important to them or they have no idea how to run a multiple customer online business. It's a reality with online businesses, if you don't consistently communicate to your customers within a very timely manner they will automatically think you are a fraud. In the back of everyone's mind, trying something online for the first time that is always a possibility to them. So when there is no timely communication, a customers fight or flight kicks in and in the customers reality it looks and feels like a fraud so they run, yelling fire.

    I'm personally backing away from this service and sticking to physical and normal banking but, I'm not closing my account and will be checking back periodically to see if Goldmoney has corrected course and fixed the bilge pumps. This company has HUGE potential. I just don't know if it can focus and deliver.