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  • Re: Not Able to Withdraw Funds


    If you've just put money (currency) in your holding account via PayPal or Plastic Card (credit or debit card) but didn't purchase metals you'll be unable to withdraw the money (currency). You have to purchase metal then sell the metal in order to withdraw your money(currency).
  • Re: Daily volume of transactions anyone?

    @RocketDog its available to everyone. I've been taking screen shots 2 - 3 times a month of the audit numbers and then I compare. I started doing that because as an investor I was really concerned with the lack of customer service and the short term and long term effects a bad reputation will bring. I was really hoping for a shock and awe campaign when Roy said he was going to do something about it months ago. What is clearly seen and experienced was ho hum lets let the ship drift backwards. I would have rather seen millions of dollars invested in serving the clients than on a jewelry company (that has no products for sale last time I checked). A lot has changed over the past year and I'm not sure what the risk to reward is anymore with the focus on the latest trend of cryptos. When that fad comes to an abrupt end (and it will) what will the effect be to the company? I don't know. So I'm going to put my money with what I know. Now I'm not against hitting trends as hard as you can, scooping in as much money as you can off of them, but when my gut says go, I go. I have since sold all of my holdings but I'm still watching.

    Accounts have grown about 1.6% (since mid Aug) but it doesn't distinguish between new clients and current clients who have personal accounts opening holding accounts. There has been a reduction in the amount of assets of about 1% (last time I looked). So what I do know is the new money isn't keeping up with current / past clients withdrawals. Which I believe goes back to the customer service issue and lack of confidence.
  • Re: Why is Goldmoney needing more cash?

    What is/are ColdBlocks? Edumcate me.