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  • Re: You Deserve Better - Sweeping Changes to CS Coming!

    @Goldmatters As Goldmoney customers, we ALL WANT to know what is happening to Goldmoney, why there is 0 customer service support, why are the verification taking so long, why did Goldmoney NOT change the verification process, which they promised they would make more simplified and faster?

    I'm personally waiting 'till the end of this year. If nothing changes, I'm out. I'm sick of reading over and over again the same things without any improvement at all. We do not care about Mene and the new openings. We care about the BASICS: Customer support + promised features implemented as soon as possible.

    This is NOT the way customers should be treated. And this is the proof that a rising stock does not reflect the health of a company, because a company with 0 customer support is not a healthy company in my humble opinion. This is common sense people.

    p.s. Don't care if I get some 'Disagree' on this post. I know sometimes truth hurts....
  • Re: Closing a holding account that is verification pending and have deposit refunded

    @JamesTkirk I agree.

    I think that Goldmoney is the best out there in terms of features it offers, but yes, there is clearly something wrong in the backend, and if they don't do anything about it, it will make it hard for them to go to the moon.

    A company can't mess around with users/customers info like this. A passport and a bank statement GIVEN ONCE should be more than fine for verification purposes, like with almost every other company out there.
  • Re: I proved the cryptocurrency ponzi scheme

    Cryptos are volatile if you only see things in the short term. In the long run, they had been, and still are, a very profitable investment. If you just look at them as speculating on ICOs and trying to find the lucky coin, well, that is wrong. Just invest in the main ones and do not think about them. You'll have much more wealth 2-3 years from now.

    I've always been a silver investor, so volatility for me is nothing. I have a high risk tolerance, I'm used to it and I like it because it lets me accumulate more on the dips.

    Dollar cost average Silver, Gold, and the main Cryptos (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum) and you'll be fine.

    Since I've been investing in Cryptos I've been able to acquire more Silver, so for me it worked and it is still working.

    You can lose money with physical Gold and Silver as well, if you do not know what you are doing. Does that make them a scam? NO.

    Can you lose money with Cryptos? Absolutely. Does that make them a scam? NO.

    Anybody that calls Crypto a scam does not understand their potential and most importantly, does not understand the world we live in now.

    Study them, try new things, and do not be afraid of failing. Failing is what makes you learn.

    Final thought: Fiat currencies are the real scam. Not Cryptos.

    I rest my case.
  • Why is this guy associating Goldmoney to Soros???

    I really hope Goldmoney has nothing to do with Soros and that this guy is wrong. Thoughts?