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  • Re: Not Able to Withdraw Funds

    @DeOmnibusDubitandum From what I understand, If you are an unverified user, you would have to first purchase metals, then sell them to get back your funds to your bank account. If you have currency funds on Goldmoney, you can't withdraw them unless you buy metals first and then sell them.

    I'm currently going through this and getting support from Hopefully, I will be able to get all my funds back by next week.

    Yes, it seems Goldmoney is only focusing on Full Holdings, so Basic Holdings basically can't do anything other than purchase and sell metals.
    They should have just made the verification mandatory and not let unverified users buy metals.
  • Re: Not Able to Withdraw Funds

    This is what I've found in the FAQ section of Goldmoney, under "Opening Holding and Sending Documentation":

    ''What if I don't verify my Holding?
    If you don't verify your Holding within 30 days, your metal will be sold and the funds returned to the account or card from which they came.''

    So, It's been more than 30 days being not verified. My metals and currency are still in Goldmoney. At this point, I rather let them sell all the metals and return all my funds to my bank account, as it is stated in the Goldmoney FAQ.

    @Goldmatters Would you kindly pass this along for me? It'll be the last favor I ask you. Thank you very much in advance.
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    Ok, so you guys are telling me that if I do not get verified my money is stuck in Goldmoney and I will never get it out? Ok this is getting really absurd and unacceptable.

    @Goldmatters Please inform anyone at Goldmoney that we all have the right to withdraw our money at any time.

    I already went through 2 verification process and i think they are enough to withdraw my own money out of my Goldmoney Holding.

    p.s. I am not able to see this:
  • Re: Why is there no customer service?

    @Caine I understand and I feel the same way you do. I'm waiting until the end of the year. If by then there will be no improvements, then I'm leaving too.

    By 'Improvements' I mean:

    - Actually adding customer service (since there is basically none at the moment)
    - Implement a fast, simple, normal verification process, getting rid of that absurd form (specially for Non-US residents)

    It is November 2nd. I'm hoping that by December 31st those two updates will be made..
  • Re: You Deserve Better - Sweeping Changes to CS Coming!

    @mr1 Equifax does not do any good for me since I live in EU.
    I would need Goldmoney to get rid of the verification form and implement a human, simple, normal verification process like the majority of sites have: Upload of document + upload of bank statement + address info. That is all a company needs to verify its own users.
    Thanks for your reply though, I really appreciate it.

    @GoldIsCurrency A well established company like Goldmoney Inc. should have the RIGHT people in their support staff (or any kind of staff) WAY BEFORE EVEN THINKING about offering a service.