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  • Re: How to upgrade from Basic to Full Holding?

    @DeOmnibusDubitandum The Holding verification link is on the top right of your dashboard.

    However, the link brings you to where you can fill out the same ridiculous form that was there before. Nothing changed from the old type of verification process. I think all us" Basic Holders"are still waiting for a new, simplified and faster verification process...
  • Re: Migrating "Personal Goldmoney Account" to "Holdings" account

    @Jimmymac I agree. The only plus side is basically the you can buy silver, which for me it seemed worth it so that is the only reason why I opened a Holding.

    The best thing would have been to add silver in the Personal accounts. That would have been perfect!
  • Re: Should I start using my Holding Account?

    @RocketDog Can you please ask Goldmoney if you can work with them/for them? You would probably solve the majority of the customer service/support issues this company is facing. Thanks for the very good answers you give to the community.

    "1) Getting verified for a full holding...It is more problematic for non-Americans, perhaps in countries where record-keeping and proving identity is not as standardized. It is also difficult for people who do not have a traditional, verifiable stream of income from an employer"

    This is exactly the situation I'm in. I will probably have a hard time getting verified unless laws change...unfortunately..
  • Re: Should I start using my Holding Account?

    @IrishGuy I know that, in life, money brings more money (thus more attention). I get that.

    How about this though. Let's say I'm a customer that is worth millions of $ but the company doesn't know yet. I'm just testing the platform, so I do not invest a lot at first. I get awful customer support and I notice that what the company promises often doesn't reflect reality 100%. So, I decide not to invest in the company anymore and put my money elsewhere. See where I'm going here?

    A customer is a customer, and you never know who you are dealing with. Treat customers as they should be treated and money will come in.

    Again, we are talking about the basics here, not exceptional services. It's basic customer support!! If 50% of the community is talking about bad customer support and bad verification process, there is clearly something wrong.

    I'm done complaining. As I already said several times. I'll just wait until the end of this year to see if something changes by then..
  • Re: Should I start using my Holding Account?

    @IrishGuy I would have to disagree on that. A customer is a customer. no matter how much he/she spends. And customer service, which is the BASICS of a business, needs to be top notch, always.

    Also, we've been told that we would get better customer support once we would have transferred from Personal to Holding, but it seems it is the complete opposite.