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  • Re: Goldmoney as an alternative to the banking system

    @Wade I understand your inquiry, but our system has been carefully constructed to support regulatory compliant use by hundreds of thousands of people - we cannot simply modify the rules or processes for one person if you decide we are not far enough removed from the banking system for your personal preferences. We endeavour to give users the ability to choose the way in which they preserve the value of their labour over time by providing simple access to gold savings. By accepting bank transfers, we are able to utilize currently existing (and globally available) payment rails to allow users around the world to make a purchase of gold.

    Our agent was not "citing the mandatory use of the corrupt banking system as the mechanism to guard against the corrupt practice of money laundering," he was informing you that your proposal does not adhere with our policies. We are not, as you suggest, "another tool to smoke out the last vestige of alternative thinking investors by revealing their gold purchases to JP Morgan Chase and the RBC."

    Your approach would conflict with our Corporate By-Laws, as explained in supporting documentation:

    "Our Goldmoney Personal and Business Corporate By-Laws require that we must buy or sell assayed and stamped .995 pure (99.5%) or better bullion-grade gold for the benefit of customers from an approved list of refiners and assayers whose gold meet the minimum specification set by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) or New York Mercantile Exchange division Commodity Exchange, Inc. (COMEX)."

    We do offer a variety of payment options available if you do not wish to send a wire transfer, but unfortunately we cannot credit gold to your account in the manner you have outlined. You can certainly store metals privately if you like, but in order to take advantage of the benefits of the Goldmoney Network, the manner in which you transfer funds to us must be one currently available on the platform.
  • Re: Developers : Does BitGold have an API or IPN in PHP

    Lots of features to come in 2016, including the API! Stay tuned!
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