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  • Bumps in the Road with new Goldmoney Holding

    There's a an old principal of quality control: when people are having problems, they are 10 times as likely to tell other people than when they are not. On this forum there are many people talking about problems with the new Holdings, but that does not accurately reflect what is happening to the entire Goldmoney customer base. It's nowhere near as bad as it may seem from following this forum.

    Another great service I use (Nextdoor) is also going through growing pains with a major upgrade. Maryam M. posted something very profound that I think applies in spades to Goldmoney as well:
    We’re excited to make this change! That said, as a veteran of many redesigns, I want to warn you that the initial reaction from users to a redesign is virtually always negative. Users who are used to doing things one way (understandably) find it frustrating to have to learn the new design patterns and complain. (Internally, we we refer to this as the “who moved my cheese” effect ☺). So if you hear grumblings, I wouldn’t become too concerned and would encourage [everyone] to just stick with it for a couple of weeks; our experience has been that [users] generally become comfortable with the new design … That said, if you discover any critical bugs or user experience issues that still need to be addressed, please do let us know.

    Many have said that Goldmoney rushed through this change with not enough advance preparation or communication with users, and there's definitely a lot of truth to that. However, to quote another Nextdoor staffer Gordon S.:
    ... we definitely don't believe that our work is done on the new design. The team is still fully engaged, and they have a healthy list of bugs and optimizations they are planning to implement (as well as any new bugs or suggestions you identify). But this list will never be done. Keep in mind that the Classic Design is four years old and still has thousands of bugs fixes and optimizations we wanted to make but haven't yet done (and now never will). If we waited to launch the new design ... until all the bugs were fixed, it would never happen. Also, keep in mind that it's a huge burden on the team to maintain two separate designs and code bases and doing so slows down our ability to launch new features ...

    There's never a perfect time or a perfect way to jump to a new system. Eventually you reach the point where you just have to bite the bullet and go for it. Please, just stick with it, be patient, and persist in getting Goldmoney to do what you need it to do for you. Once Goldmoney defines the transition process, go ahead with it. If you only have a Personal account and need to open the Goldmoney Holding, then do it. If your Basic holding needs to be upgraded to a full holding, jump through the hoops to get it done. If you run into problems, let Support know. "This too shall pass." And going forward Goldmoney will have a strong foundation on which to build some amazing new services that will benefit us all.
  • Has anyone successfully done an ACH transfer with Schwab Bank?

    I just can't get it to work, and support does not have any suggestions. I select "Link ACH Account," select "Charles Schwab," and enter my login credentials for Schwab Member Services. I get back "Your account was successfully linked to BitGold," but when I click "Continue" my Schwab account is not listed.