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  • Re: What the Heck happened to UnionPay?

    OK, so I kept playing around with this. It doesn't seem to matter where your IP address is you get this page in Chinese and no other language options:

    Just to try finding my own solution while I wait, i entered my passport number and got to the bank selection page after three tries.

    However, my bank wouldn't work, because I'm using FF, and it won't let me login to make a payment in FF. So back to square one. I mean, GM is becoming as difficult and intractable to use as PayPal. I hate to say it, but that's about the size of it right now.
  • Re: Proof of address problems

    I live in China where all utility bills are addressed to the landlord, not the renter, leaving me in a lurch for bills. Bank statements are only electronic, as far as I can tell. My internet bill is paid yearly and that was more than 3 months ago. But as an expat, I have to register at the local police station every year, and GM has been accepting these registrations for proof of address, despite form responses.

    GM also eventually emailed me that "a piece of mail with your name on it", or something to that effect, would be acceptable. My advice, based on my experience, is to work with GM on alternatives depending on your jurisdiction. So far I have found them to be very accommodating provided you have a reasonable alternative to the usual requirements which were probably written mainly for N. American or European customers.
  • Re: Prepaid master card

    I received both my USD and GBP card pretty quickly, surprisingly fast in fact, considering I am in China.

    However, my wife, who is Chinese, has applied numerous times and encountered various issues. She's afraid to use customer service and the community because everything's in English. She's decided to just buck up and hope to withdraw in cash some day.

    The issue they described this time is that her name was not the same as the name on her ID, but I checked while helping her and it was. She tried her national ID, which is all in Chinese, but GM requires Latin characters, which I guess could've caused confusion over Pinyin (Latin characters) vs. Chinese characters. Then she tried her passport, which is both Latin and Chinese characters and had the same problem.

    I'm more forward and assertive than she is, so I'm saying it now. I know it's not my account and it's her responsibility but how does GM deal in general with this issue? Not every country or ID uses Roman/Latin/English alphabet......