Toronto vault(canada) -> redemption to canada - brokerage fees !!! ....... seriously !

GLDGLD Copper ✭✭Posts: 49 Copper ✭✭
Yes the infamous UPS - Canadian Gov'nt brokerage fee rears its head. UPS informed me today my shipment of 90g due to arrive tomorrow is subject to brokerage fees. I can only imagine what that will be ($$$).

This "snag" was supposed to have been worked out between Bitgold, UPS and Dillion-Guage .... apparently NOT.

I expect that i might refuse delivery.

Can anyone else enlighten me on this issue?



  • MelanieMelanie Gold ✭✭✭✭✭ Posts: 1,045 Gold ✭✭✭✭✭
    @GLD this is an error by the customs agent who processed your delivery - we'll have it taken care of, not to worry.
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    Hi @GLD I think BitGold, UPS and Dillion has already agreed on most matters related to freight and insurance on behalf of members. The local custom agent is a snake sqeezing clients for more money and this happen worlwide.

    Since BitGold will intercept on your behalf as its commitment to its members, just patience till the good arriving to you. This the beauty of this community site too for those seeking information and answer B)
  • UnclerocketUnclerocket Tin ✭ Posts: 10 Tin ✭
    Great thread. We have to help each other as there will be more headwinds.
  • GLDGLD Copper ✭✭ Posts: 49 Copper ✭✭
    I received a call and email from Bitgold early the next day ..... they assured me it would be cleared up. True to their word, UPS backed off and delivered it with NO additional fee's. Hopefully UPS will eventually get a flag in place that prevents any delay whatsoever, but at least their was a happy ending..
  • golddie8golddie8 Tin ✭ Posts: 3 Tin ✭
    OK thanks for the info folks.
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