Documentary on the GoldCube™ (Wishlist)

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I have asked this before and it is definitely a wish list item - "edutainment" only - although it could have marketing value.

I would like to see a documentary or even just a webpage dealing with the history and manufacturing of the GoldCube™. I have heard @Roy Sebag and @Josh Crumb comment on the fact that everyone told them that it could not be done. The GoldCube™ is a metaphor for BitGold itself.

Topics I would like to see covered:
• When and how the idea of the GoldCube™ came about.
• Finding a manufacturer.
• Initial run size.
• Video of manufacturing, quality control, laser etching, packaging.
• When or if more will be made once the initial stock depletes.
• Why is a 3x3x3 = 27 GoldCube™ plastic box provided with each shipment

On close inspection of a GoldCube™ it appears that the cube stock is extruded through a 8.04mm X 8.04mm square die and then each cube is sliced off at 8.04mm. It also appears that each cube is trimmed a bit to remove any excess gold, however this may just be an artifact of the manufacturing process.


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    they should have just done 10g coins instead.
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    @jonnybitcoin I hate to use the word "gimmick" so I will instead use the phrase "marketing aid". I suspect that the GoldCubes were a onetime run and when they are gone - they are gone. I hope I am wrong. I actually think that the GoldCubes are cute and gold is gold.

    I like the idea of gold denominated in grams as opposed to Troy ounces. Is it so much more SI. B)

    1, 10, 25, 50 gram coins would be nice … but if you watch the Town Hall meetings "BitGold is a software company" the core business is the Aurum ledger. They outsource everything else: the vaulting, the delivery of 1 kg bars to and within the vaults, the GoldMoney card, the delivery of physical gold, etc. BitGold make its money on transactions, the exchange of gold. The markups are very low and I find that performance is very fast.
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    @79Au197 I think patiently waiting for BitGold to be a market leader in all sorts of gold diversification and potential
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    @79Au197 @jonnybitcoin @rohanibuang61 I don't think this is a one time run at all. I am of the understanding the 10g cubes will continue and that is why they provide that plastic box so one can accumulate a full box of cubes over time. More or less for the people that like to "hold their gold" they can fill a box of them. Also being just a 10g piece of gold makes it more affordable to the average man who can't afford bars of bullion. I have to say the cubes are a lot smaller than I imagined. Darrell emptied one of those plastic box's full of cubes into my hand and I was surprised at how small they were but also at the same time I was surprised at how heavy a handful of cubes were. I think the cubes are a great idea on their part, easy to stack them up and coins are coins and there are so many different types out there to collect, but only bitgold offers cubes.

    On a different note BitGold sure is close to Bit O' Gold who was a Canadian champion race horse sired by Gold Fever . Funny to think BitGold has given myself the gold fever. ;)
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    Correct @BigD, not a one-time run! They're minted as needed.
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    Melanie said:

    Correct @BigD, not a one-time run! They're minted as needed.

    Videos - show us how they are made … unless of course you consider this a trade secret, in which case, never mind. B)

    Also - "minted as needed" is reassuring!
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