A Huge Heartfelt Thanks!

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Hey BitGold Community,

You guys are truly awesome!

From the bottom of my heart I thank you all.

I got a voice mail from BitGold corporate today letting me know that this community was very concerned that I have not been present here for quite some time. So concerned to trigger a check by corporate to make sure that I am OK.

I apologize for causing any concern but am grateful that you wonderful people from all around the world would share your concerns and request a check-in on my welfare. Wow, so cool. I so appreciate that. I honestly have no words...And you all know given how much I have tended to post in the forum that I am rarely stuck for something to say.

I am completely fine, just crazy crazy crazy busy. It just so happened that had a ton of time at the end of last year and into January (holiday season) to hang out and engage deeply in this community. However, I have had zero time time to spare for quite awhile since then due to major work and life projects.

Thank you for the concern and love! I'll be back to engage as soon as I can because I enjoy the community and miss learning and sharing here.

I have a few important takeaway lessons from this experience:

1. Strangers can become virtual friends, who can care deeply and genuinely about those they connect to in powerful forums like this one. Keep it up and grow it with each other, guys, it is indeed meaningful.
2. Pay close attention to how you walk and communicate in this world because others are really watching and listening... Looking at you as a friend or role model even when you don't see it.
3. Post a quick note to the community when being so very connected here, or on any forum, if anticipating any long stints away.
4. You, the folks that make up this BitGold community, are awesome and I love the community.

Thank you!

Back soon,



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