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    Very interesting article from Alasdair Macleod.
    I believe that in the next months the European Union will break-up....i feel the end of Euro currency is coming... :|
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    I do very much enjoy reading Alasdair's pieces. And listening to his YouTube interviews. Always clear, articulate, and sensible. He and the others like John Butler bring a strong knowledge of history to the current situation.

    Speaking of history I had to laugh at a bit I sas the other day. A chap was asking American university students on spring break questions about American history. One replied that the Civil War was between the South and France. Another said that Washington was the second US president because Lincoln was the first.

    At that rate, Trump will be the third!
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    I am fascinated with below remarks from the above article.

    "The ECB's equity capital at 31 December 2015 was €7.74bn, supporting a balance sheet of €256.645bn, a gearing ratio of over 33 times. The wider euro-system's accounts, where the asset purchases accumulate, has capital and reserves of €98bn supporting a balance sheet of €2,872bn, a gearing ratio of 29 times and rising. As a rough guide, an interest rate increase of less than two per cent, to as little as one and a half per cent, would undermine the value of bonds and related risks at both the ECB and in the euro-system, to the point where they would require further capital injections. For some context, if the yield to maturity on a five-year bond rises by 2%, the price falls roughly 10%".

    Vice versa in Gold and Silver prices being turned upside down. I am just imagining the actual physical Gold and Silver taking into account the manipulated, rigged and fraudulent published price as seen by most on earth
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    My further thoughts on John Law, inspired by Alasdair's excellent piece...!blog/c112v
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