AHEAD: GLOBAL TOTALITARIANISM - G. Edward Griffin (New Exclusive Interview)

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A nice patriot 33 minutes video explanation by G Edward Griffin, the author of "The Creature From Jekyll Island"


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    Edward Griffin, good guy.I believe he wrote "The Creature from Jekyll Island" which is a must read for anyone who wants an idea of how the big banksters work.
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    Uvas, yes. That's the best book that I've ever read (yet) about money, banking, and the Federal Reserve System. Partly due to its influence, I've become quite a fan of both sound money (as in gold/silver coinage) and full-reserve banking. Which is why I now have an account here. BitGold may not prove to be as convenient as either Wells Fargo Bank or Bank of America, where I've banked in the past, but (at least to me) it's definitely worth sacrificing some convenience in order to avoid being part of the fractional-reserve banking system, which most people still fail to recognize as fraudulent in its nature. Although I do feel a tad concerned that BitGold is financed by the Soros family.
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    Yes @Uvas and @DaveGarber1975 at lest we have alternative like BitGold comparing to those days. B)
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