Don't Let Usury(Riba) Destroy Your Home: The Dangers of Usury(Riba). BitGold Is The Solution

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No one realized that BitGold is the solution. I strongly believe BitGold Financial Services is the only way in offering its members free from usury especially converting fiat money into gold. Many did not realized the seriousness of usury.

For more understanding on usury(riba) on Islamic perspective, I present a video especially in minutes 25:00 by one of many international scholars that touched on usury.

I will focused my explanation on above towards my surrounding to bring them to BitGold. The above is one of the most fundamental points for most of the muslim nations and its populations.


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    Do you think any amount of interest is usury? Or only an excessive amount of interest?
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    Hi @Uvas I like your question. Actually, in usury perspective even a single cent by not by means of trading and services is still usury. As for BitGold it is not usury just because even if BitGold is charging 10% and not 1% is consider trading and services not on loan and it is consider service or management fee which is appropriate for services rendered.
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    As a non- Muslim, I must admit to some difficulty understanding the true definition of Riba. I read through this entry in Wikipedia , but it seems to me that even among Muslims there is room for disagreement.

    One thing however should be obvious to any scholar of finance, the devaluation of currency forces all of us to pay interest (Riba?) as our fiat currency becomes worth less (worthless). Even worse are credit cards that charge 12% to 25% for unpaid balances … unquestionably usury/Riba!

    Storing a portion of one's wealth in gold with BitGold and accessing it via the Prepaid card is one solution.
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    @79Au197 I believe even the fiat money is Riba. Just imagine US$100.00 costs is only $0.12 cents. This is deceit, ripped off and manipulating. The purpose of money is human needs to facilitate exchange for goods and assets.

    Below is a good explanation from a young scholar currently leaving in US.

    There are many for searching under what is Riba in "youtube". Personally I find its understandable and some of it are quite interesting. May we all preserve with Gold as true money.
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    My wife overheard this while I was watching it and commented "that just sounds like intelligent talk, whether you are Muslim or Christian - whatever. I don't understand the language (when he spoke in Arabic), but the idea I understand."

    That video definitely was food for thought - there is much wisdom in it. Thank you!
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