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Just was thinking of this operation and as I pondered of simple thing i.e..checking accounts and savings I thought of the many people that have a tough time saving . Into a separate account for whenever I thought I may have wanted and spent that money foolishly . I was thinking well I dot smoke anymore but think how much I would have saved instead of smoking -and or drinking which I don't but just pretending or down drugs which I ton't do either or my addiction to chocolate .Oh well I do like chocolate but alas I don't do that either . Anyway now I have separate accounts that will grow . I know that is silly but whatever works . So I will have a vault of never hurt my health gold to make me smile . Just thinking to my self outloud . Lets see a pac of cigarettes 5$ a day oops here comes a little gold instead hmm. A much better choice . Thanks Bit Gold for giving me a cookie jar to put my savings in .


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    Hi @1halfcockedRooster you have acted in a wise way and I like your way.
    Your monthly gold saving will be $150 and this is not a small sum as it is more the 3 over gram gold.
    While gold is still affordable you will see your gold increasing from month to month.
    Of course BitGold is generous enough to accept the deposit irrespective to the amount whether its big or small. B)
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    That is a great way to save your money. I use the recurring deposit feature to deposit a small amount every week and I don't even have to think about it. I like to think of my little pile of gold as added security against a major economic calamity.
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    One friend that is a self admitted gambler said , when I go to the casino to gamble and I take for example several hundred dollars to stick in slot machine so that I (MAY) get it back which doe Rarely happen or maybe I will get more back hahahaha Rarely or Nothing at all . Thus any time a person would want to go to the casino or buy a lottery ticker just put you money into the vault at BitGold and the next day you will thank yourself . I say this because I saw the government figures of increases on gambling i.e. buying of lottery tickets and increases in casinos revenues as everyone in tougher financial times are looking for the magic pie in the sky winning publisher clearing house moment .
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    @1halfcockedRooster , i like the way you thinking :)
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    I was going to put money into a savings account, but now with BitGold I'll just put money here. :)
  • 1halfcockedRooster1halfcockedRooster Posts: 97 Tin ✭
    As an X smoker I take 5 bucks or dollars and buy gold every day just because it reminds me of the money that I used to burn up in smoke is now up in a Vault
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    @saki, a wise action and unfortunately still majority people on earth don't realize your fact how important to shift fiat money into gold.
    @1halfcockedRooster Cigarette is addicted too with nicotine. But your wise action is appreciated as not many smokers can follow your steps to stop smoking.
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    Lets see a pac of cigarettes 5$ a day oops here comes a little gold instead hmm. A much better choice . Thanks Bit Gold for giving me a cookie jar to put my savings in .

    Great thoughts @1halfcockedRooster ... we all have our indulgences I guess, I probably spend $5-$7/day on my diet coke and coffee addictions. :smile: That could be spent so much better elsewhere... perhaps here! Maybe Bitgold will help give me some motivation to finally kick the habit... :smile:
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    Like your golden cookie jar @1halfcockedRooster
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