If You Wake Up One Of These days And Gold Price Reach $5,000 Heading To $10,000 Per Ounce

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I will keep on hold till gold reaching $10,000 and once my heart says sell gold, I will divert maximum to GoldMoney and the rest 70 to buy the banks auction lands or houses and the balance will goes my charity and donation portfolio.

What will be your imagination? B)


  • GLDGLD Posts: 49 Copper ✭✭
    I think if gold hits $10,000us quickly then the "s" has hit the fan in Europe and would be soon to hit America ..... were talking bank failures here. Unless its a slow climb up, the resulting turmoil will be catastrophic. And as you know, BitGold is dynamically linked to the banking system (and thus your government) ....so ..... exactly how liquid your funds will be is highly debatable. If it gets that bad, Bitgold may not be your savior ...... Plan accordingly.

    A few of my co-workers joke around quite a bit when we discuss the global financial system ..... one believes shotgun shells are a better investment. Sadly, i cannot dismiss his comment outright. I think he's a mad max fan.

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    Regarding "liquid" funds … if things get that bad the ATF (at least in the States) strategy may be your best answer.

    File under: satire
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