Made in Malaysia and the Malay Language

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@rohanibuang61 , I thought of you today while opening up my new Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier

So … @Melanie (hint hint hint) … Malay …

Malay is spoken in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, parts of Thailand and southern Philippines. Indonesia and Brunei have their own standards, Malaysia and Singapore use the same standard. (Rumi)


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    An example of quality human on earth @79Au197 . I never though you will be making such a tough research and its awesome. Actually even different standard still all can understand as it is just an accent like American, UK and Australia accents.

    Actually BitGold is the one opening the doors to its members like @1halfcockedRooster mentioned "Thanks for this awakening rohanibuang61 It made my mind open . It seems today everyone thinks they are so busy so important so so well you know anyway thanks for letting my mind get out of the box and thinking my little wold was SO BIG".

    The other thing @79Au197, Malaysian products is cheap and quality. Why not we all combine constirbute US$1,000 each into one consortium doing import/export from Malaysia and its surrounding like rubber gloves for general or medical and so on. Name it, I can find them from my direct local contacts. As for Matrade is too business oriented already as most overseas people will go there for trade searches and information. Of course products will be a bit expensive.
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    I was mostly wanting to amplify your original post with regard to the strength of the Malaysian economy, the economic importance of Malaysia to SE Asia and the importance of the Malay language to a large potential base of BitGold users ( @Melanie ).

    My first exposure to Malaysians happened a few years ago when a team of Malaysian geoscientists from PETRONAS came to train with my company over the summer. Comprised of both men and women the PETRONAS team was young, motivated, and professional.

    I must admit that I probably still do not fully appreciate the economic power of Malaysia, but one should never stop learning.
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    Yes @79Au197 Malaysia economics power is leaned to US.
    The other thing, during the Japanese occupation of Malaysia in 1941-1943, they make a sudden surrendered and leaving ample gold bars buried inside the earth.
    Estimated few hundred if not thousand tons under the Golden Lily operation during WWII in Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia.
    Scientific instruments of detector is required and any suggestion for that. I have bought the PI detector but not so effective.
    Just wonder if can find few pieces of the said buried Gold can totally change.
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