Silver and Gold

I would really like to do with silver what is possible with this gold platform . Without having to jump threw a dozen hoops . Keeping it simple like a metal family close - not distant .
I am sure most older metal buyers deal with some others such as I like platinum or palladium . I think that if you go to a restaurant it is nice to have a choice . I was Just dreaming . Very Happy with this company so far .


  • 1halfcockedRooster1halfcockedRooster Posts: 97 Tin ✭
    I love this platform and being able to buy smaller sizes of gold although I still would like to buy my .9999 sliver from the same source - right here .
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    Yes @1halfcockedRooster silver will be better in terms of precious metal just because silver is over manipulated.

    Silver to gold ratio should between 1:15 the most. I am convinced one day the ratio will be 1:6 the most.

    In our Islamic teachings about Gold and Silver, if one holds 85 gr of gold, they have to sacrifice 1/40 of their Gold to the poor and needy, where else for SIlver is 485 gr then 1/40 will go to the poor and needy. This is called "zakah" Just like we buy a whole chicken or fruit and what not, where we don't eat the skin, head, some internal parts, feather and so on and we have to sacrifice to throw it away for waste of other creatures to eat and if we ate them we get sick. This is the concept of zakah.

    So, If I divided 485/85 the ratio is 1 Gold : 5.71 Silver. As for platinum, paladium are all exempted from zakah.

    On top of Gold, Silver is God's money too. B)
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    You can redeem in silver. You can get silver maple leaf bullion rounds or 1, 10, and 100 ounce silver bars. I think it is wise to stick with one metal for payment system. It really doesn't matter from our end which metal it is because we just want to transmit value. But it makes a huge difference for Bitgold. Their storage costs would be far higher, and the costs of moving the silver around from account to account would be much higher also. Plus all the additional bookkeeping of another metal, exchanging between metals..yikes!
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    @1halfcockedRooster, GoldMoney will never offer a "BitSilver" service, for reasons as @Uvas explained above. But if you create a holding at you will be able to purchase silver, platinum, and paladium as well as gold. BitGold and GoldMoney are the two services offered by GoldMoney.
  • 1halfcockedRooster1halfcockedRooster Posts: 97 Tin ✭
    Thanks to spontaneousOrder I read but was not too excited about the charges were I like to just take allocated money and get physical bars or rolls of maples . And thanks Uvas I was aware of the storage intricacies or even more the cost factors . And thank you Rohanibuang61 I have been buying silver for many years but was quite unfamiliar with the religious aspects of zaikai .It was very nice of you .I lecture young people every day when I meat someone I ask them what they learned today . Today was a great day for I learned something unknown to me .
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