two questions. One about consolidating holdings & Vault custodians.

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Hi @Melanie I think I just talked to you on phone you got my deposit for myself and my wife confirmed. I couldn't make out what you were saying on the phone though. It was probably my side of the connection, I am at work right now and it is in a very remote area.
I was curious though is the vault custodian a bitgold employee? Does bitgold carry a float of gold which they can then assign ownership? Or is the vault custodians a brinks employee and the gold ownership transfers from a comex or a lmba participant to bitgold then ownership to the bitgold customer?

Also I got to thinking of all my little purchases over time does bitgold ever consolidate these holdings into one partial holding of one bar for me? Or are my holdings spread out to many bars pertaining to when i made my purchase. I was sort of thinking of when we defrag our computers all the data gets consolidated that belongs together.

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    @melanie Thanks Melanie, I did look around the site to try and find more information myself but couldn't really find anything. I also watched the town hall meetings and most anything I could find relating to Roy or Josh on the internet hoping to find a definite answer. I am not sure if BigD is an bitgold employee? His answers did help, I think I need to look into this aurum platform more. Sorry I just want to understand everything as much as I can as I am accumulating more and more of my savings and now my wifes into this platform.
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    Ok watching a town hall in Sweden that bitgold posted on twitter, Roy explains the process pretty clearly. One of my worries is cleared up anyway even when the purchase is not confirmed, bitgold guarantee 's the price at purchase. I am still a little unclear of the complete process but I think I understand the basics now.
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    Hi @Murphy, I am 13,000 kilometeres away from BitGold. I think I have no big issue on BitGold and possible only minor one.
    I have no issue on the highlighted matter too.

    From my experiences since i joined BitGold and stand to my point of view, I did all experiments on BitGold platform and all qualify BitGold for me to be a member.

    To all Malaysian, this is my sincere expression and don't hesitate to join BitGold.. B)
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    @rohanibuang61 my feelings are the same as yours. As I grow more comfortable with the platform and company I will entrust more of my money in this system. I constantly promote this company also, I want people to gain more exposure to gold any way that is easiest and most cost effective.
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