The "NEW" 4 x 10g GoldCube Packaging

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I recently ordered a 4 x 10g GoldCube Package and was informed that there would be a shipping delay due to a shortage of the four packs.

"The cubes are packaged in packages of 1, 2, 3, and 4, and we’ve simply had a boom in popularity of the 4-pack. So there are lots of cubes, just not the 4-packs!"

As before, this was shipped with an empty plastic cube sized to hold 3x3x3 GoldCubes as shown below (filled).

With prior GoldCube packs, removal of the cubes was easy. Just snip the plastic around the outer boarders and the entire package opened easily. (How else is one to fill the empty plastic cube?)

Enter the NEW GoldCube Packaging

Not content with the old method of sealing, the new packaging is sealed BOTH around the outer boarders AND right around the edges of the cubes themselves. The only way to extract the cubes is to first cut away all of the outer plastic right up to the cubes themselves, then by using a thin knife or razor blade to literally cut the cubes apart through the center of the plastic - being careful not to scratch the cubes.

I guess that this is an anti-counterfeiting tactic, because it would be impossible to replace the real gold cubes with fake cubes without completely destroying the packaging. Still be forewarned … it is a royal pain in the 4$$ to get the little buggers out.



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    I Want one of those plastic cubes just to try and fill it.
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    @Murphy EVERY order of BitCubes comes with one. I am awash in empty plastic cubes :o
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    Hi @79Au197 Not seen you few days back and feel like this site less energetic. :'(:( but now when you are back I feel cool B)

    1. I think BitGold should make option for both and let members to choose in the platform tab. Personally I like the compact 3X3X3 box just because when attracting new people to be member, they like to physically touch the gold instead inside a plastic.

    2. If members need money, they can just take one piece 10g gold for pawn and the pawn owner can physically chemical test the gold genuine without destroying the case.

    3. That sort of 3X3X3 casing can be cheaply order from Malaysia with unlimited quantity order how many BitGold want. BitGold can even email me for prototype and order and I can do it for them. Payment in Gold after BitGold received the product. Co...oool.B)
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