Congrats to March's Top Community Participants!

MelanieMelanie Posts: 1,045 Gold ✭✭✭✭✭
Hey Community members! Thank you for your great engagement on the BitGold Community during the month of March! To thank you for your involvement and support, we wanted to give you a choice for your participation reward this month! Our top 8 participants for the past month will get to choose between having a BitGold t-shirt sent to them, or a gold bonus! Check your email inboxes for a message from me and let me know which you would prefer!

Congratulations to our top 8 March contributors!

1. @rohanibuang61
2. @79Au197
3. @golden_gr
4. @Uvas
5. @BigD
6. @GrandpaBrian
8. @Freedomroad

(No, this is not a joke! Happy April! :smile: )


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