Now Every Members Has The Chance To Earn Business Referral Commission

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Newsletter From BitGold

Dear BitGold Affiliate,

We are excited to launch our first affiliate offer for our newly launched BitGold business accounts.

For every approved business account you bring to BitGold you will earn $5 USD.

To find your affiliate/referral link for this new offer, log into your affiliate dashboard and on the left hand side you will find the "Offers" tab. From there you will select "Browse/Search" and then click on the name of the offer "BitGold Business Account Offer". The tracking link will be the affiliate/referral link you will use to promote this offer. Below the tracking links, you will also find banners that you can implement on your page, blog, and forum that we have created for this campaign.

About BitGold Business Accounts:

Our Mission is to make global payments easy, fast, and reliable for all businesses around the world.

Businesses can now accept & make International payments for 1% and cashout to their bank or BitGold Prepaid Card quickly and securely.

Visit for more information on our invoicing and online checkout tools.

Don’t forget to signup for your Business Account to receive affiliate commissions directly to your business.
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