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I discovered BitGold in August while reading the Neal Stephenson novel Cryptonomicon ( shortly after BitGold expanded into the US market. In fact, Cryptonomicon was directly responsible for my Internet searches that lead me to BitGold.

From the Wikipedia site:

"Cryptonomicon is a 1999 novel by American author Neal Stephenson, set in two different time periods. One group of characters are World War II-era Allied codebreakers and tactical-deception operatives affiliated with the Government Code and Cypher School at Bletchley Park, and disillusioned Axis military and intelligence figures. The second narrative is set in the late 1990s, with characters that are (in part) descendants of those of the earlier time period, who employ cryptologic, telecom and computer technology to build an underground data haven in the fictional Sultanate of Kinakuta. Their goal is to facilitate anonymous Internet banking using electronic money and (later) digital gold currency ..."

I can't help but wonder if Roy Sebag and/or Joshua Crumb may have read this book.

What amazes me is how accurate Stephenson was in predicting the future of digital gold currency and how similar the ideas presented in the fictional Cryptonomicon are to BitGold sixteen years later.

If you haven't read Cryptonomicon (and enjoy historical fiction, mathematics, cryptology, and/or science fiction) I highly recommend it. If you have read it, I am curious about your thoughts on the similarities between BitGold and the ideas presented in Cryptonomicon.


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