Cubes and more …

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Recall from another post

I did the same* last week and it just arrived.

Figured out the easiest way to open. Using a single-sided razor blade (the type used for scrapers) or an exacto knife. Slice through the '+' indention in the front from edge-to-edge and push the cubes out from the back. This has the added benefit (if you care) of keeping the assay card intact.

This will be my last purchase of GoldCubes, I need to leave some for the rest of you. B)

The 1/20 oz Maple Leaf is 1.55517384g - much more liquid than a 1kg bar or 400oz LBMA bar. Think I'll get these for a while and just keep them in their sleeves. The one I opened along with with new GoldCubes will be exemplars to show others.

Now off to my secret lair to play with my gold. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


* except that I ordered 4 cubes, not 3, plus the 1/20 oz Maple Leaf.


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    @79Au197 Dont worry BitGold having ample stock of Gold and Silver and we can back to supply BitGold upon request. Terms and condition negotiable. Hu...Hu.... :#
    My physical gold and silver order from BitGold is on the way to my home address. Hope will received it before end of this month. Cool. B)
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    PS - lied …

    NOT my last purchase of GoldCubes - not by a long shot. GoldCubes are the lowest cost way to own physical 0.9999 bullion grade gold.

    Now that I can get them DIRECTLY from BitGold on eBay without redeeming from my account … AND … potentially below spot, I will continue to buy.
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