HOW TO Save Your Assets From The PAPER CRASH


  • rohanibuang61rohanibuang61 Posts: 2,379 Gold ✭✭✭✭✭
    @AMALGAM11 nice video on how to protect our own asset.

    In practical as an individual on how to protect asset and my answer is to buy Precious Metals i.e Gold and Silver from BitGold. Why I choose BitGold is just because I will get -
    1) A real competitive price comparing to other suppliers,
    2) A real genuine gold and silver that has been authenticated by BitGold itself.
    3) A real fast delivery of which I received the goods ordered in less than 10 days for a distance of 13,000 kilometers away
    from my home address
    4) BitGold give me an up-to-date information on gold and in my BitGold platform too.

    The above is fundamental in protecting anyone wealth too. B)
  • Mark_79Mark_79 Posts: 57 Copper ✭✭
    Remember that paper is not just fiat either paper or bank accounts. Paper/digital ETF in PM's will also be worthless 100:1 leverage means that the contracts can never be fulfilled.
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