BitGold Keep Me Busy Thinking With New Ideas

rohanibuang61rohanibuang61 Posts: 2,379 Gold ✭✭✭✭✭
BitGold has keeping me busy in the community site and with this I will definitely make it routine to visit BitGold site everyday.

I make my own judgement that no other competitors can provide like what BitGold provides -

1. I got Bi-Monthly report send to my email about gold scenarios worldwide. This is a
sort of keeping me alert in Gold and precious metal world.
2. I got monthly statement and annual personal statement with regards to my BitGold
3. Bitold platform is immaculate and up-to-date
4. I have been rewarded just to give ideas, comments
5. I have been rewarded when I introduce and active new members in BitGold.
6. I got Birthday gift of gold
7. If I got problem, I can come to community site to ask members or or @Melanie
or support from BitGold admin staff
8. BitGold provides me with Physical Gold, GoldMoney Card, gift to family and friends
and wire money to me upon my request. All in one platform
9. I got new friends worldwide
10.Keep me active and busy thinking for ideas and comments
11. Last not the least, I am confident and put my trust in BitGold like most majority
confident with fiat money.

I am happy with BitGold. Cool. B)


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