Andrew Maguire – China & Russia Set To Dominate As Western Control Of The Gold Market Collapses

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“Institutional money is flowing into allocated physical gold globally, and this is changing the dynamics. The usual synthetic market wash-and-rinse cycle is breaking down as its drivers
are anchored upon a fractional reserve unallocated bullion market structure,
which is the equivalent of a Ponzi scheme.”

I support the above article just because in the middle of the article, we can see BitGold sponsor and ad. B)


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    I wonder what we see happen in advance of the U.S. election. If Russia and China want to destabilize the global markets it is certainly within their reach. Low oil prices are likely holding off Russia for the time being but China may be in a position to be bold. I just don`t see the uneasy status quo continuing for much longer. It really does feel like something big needs to happen to shake things out.
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    Hi @PrairieSailor_2016 possibly for better knowledge of the outcome, maybe below video might be a good knowledge and preparation on the forth coming scenarios.

    The above is Part 1 and you can also view part 2 there.
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    Thanks @rohanibuang61. There is certainly a lot going on in the world. I wonder how long the balancing act will go on?
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    I've always like reading Andrew Maguire's interviews on KWN.

    As the fixing in the PM market becomes more publicized it's going to be harder to do. Unallocated paper certs are soon going to be recognised as being pretty much worthless, as their's nothing backing them up.

    IMO 2016/17 are going to be some of the most momentous years in modern history, in which gold will play a part but for the average person their is going to be some hard times ahead. Many people are going to have to re-evaluate their entire life and IMO they're will be many angry people out there (more than at present!!!)

    If the $$ loses it's reserve currency status then ATM they're isn't really a suitable currency to step in and replace it. Gold backed certificates or one form or another (i.e. gold back currency) would be the natural choice. Let's see where this one goes in the next 18 months or so!
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