Expand number of "Recent Discussions" on the Community main page

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New members and new discussions are posting to the board and rolling "older" posts off the bottom faster than I can read them.

Please double the number of posts in the "Recent Discussions" main page or alternatively (if possible) age them by time including time of the most recent response.

I just discovered several threads I was unaware of because they had posted and rolled off the bottom while I slept :o


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    @79Au197 this is probably my fault lol . Apologies for all the postings I just have been waiting a long time to talk about Bitgold with like minded people who actually "get it." I know I came to this forum a bit late in the game, I will slow it down a bit with regard to new discussions :blush:
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    Yes - IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT - but don't slow down. Lots of good stuff. No need to apologize. B)

    If easy to do, like changing a parameter from "6" to "12", doubling the number of "Recent Discussions" should handle it.
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    @79Au197 Sounds good to me! Hopefully we will have thousands of community members so for sure it would be helpful to be scalable:)
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    @79Au197 I think to be more fruitful, the "recent discussions" is limited to 50 posts per day and only solid posts will be published.

    Furthermore, I think most issues are covered since the beginning of this site.

    Maybe under admin jurisdiction will hold all posts, pick and choose the best posts that are relevant and then published on the "recent discussions". Every published post will be automatically rewarded with points.

    With the above I will be the last to be pick and choose by admin and you will be the 1st. Hu....hu.... :D

    The other thing, it is possible too for BitGold to do maintenance works by deleting all unnecessary earlier post and keep it tidy again with only fruitful posts that are relevant and related to BitGold issue. Still my posts will be the most to be deleted. Hu....hu..... B)
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    I suspect @Melanie has too much to do to worry about cleaning up old posts.

    I was just hoping that increasing the number of "Recent Discussions" could be done quickly and easily B)
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