War Is The Only Alternative For Mistake Done By The Elites And Global Economics Collapse

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Few signs for us to think, justify and alert for what will happen to most nations of this world in the mistakes and economic collapsed can be patch anymore.



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    I am afraid that I also must disagree. Devout Christians have been predicting the date of Armageddon for the last 2000 years. Yet the predicted date of Armageddon has come and gone many times with nothing happening.

    Certainly a global nuclear war would wipe out all of humanity. But I am a hopeful person. I believe in the inner good of all humanity, even the leaders of the rich and powerful nations.

    I believe that the prophesies of the end of the world can just as easily predict the Earth being hit by a massive asteroid (a possibility) or the death of the Earth when the Sun dies and explodes.

    The discussion in the video about currency is historically correct. The US dollar has been the world currency since Bretton-Woods. I also agree with James Rickards and others that a global currency reset is looming and that the US dollar may loose it's status as the global currency. Will gold become the new global currency? Who can say? Both China and Russia are stockpiling gold in the event of this possibility.

    The history of oil following 1973 is also mostly true. It is true that oil is priced in US dollars. But look at what has happened to the price of oil today. Higher efficiency, electric cars, and increased global oil production has reduced demand for oil and reduced price.

    I can not believe the hypothesis that the US would declare nuclear war against the BRICS. The issue of Urkraine is already old news. Blaming the "Zionists" for the acts of ISIS, is redirection. ISIS has killed far more Muslims than any other peoples.

    The thought that anyone will survive a global nuclear war and that Israel will be the ruling nation of the world is unlikely. I doubt that anyone would be alive to march on Constantinople.

    I am however fascinated by the realization that both Islam and Christianity have devout followers who believe in the "End Times."
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    Yea, it seems that all the Abrahamic faiths like to scare people with some giant war.

    I think it is far better to promote gold with a positive message.
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    Never mind the End Of The World stuff. But watch out for those nasty Black Swans!

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    @GrandpaBrian gray swans are no picnic either ;)
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    @79Au197, @Uvas, @GrandpaBrian @ArtMatters
    Based on logic, before WW2, the Atomic Bombs and other weapon of mass destruction is finger count and not as it is now.
    In the first place, for what such abundant weapons being produced.
    We cannot take for granted as it never happen but preparation is utmost important.
    As nuclear scientist mentioned even if nuclear war happened doesn't mean it is end of the world. But for sure vast majority of humans on earth estimated 2/3 of the world population will die.
    Are we complacent enough WW3 will not happen. This is what I mean, precaution as the time is coming near, that all.
    Just study and comparatively similar that most War Agendas are because of greed and economics problem.
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