Huffington Post | David Seaman explains BitGold and more …

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    @79Au197 Below is his best statementmentioning about BitGold as most fascinating. B)

    "Of the three forms of non-traditional currencies mentioned by Seaman, BitGold is perhaps the most fascinating, as it merges the progressive tech of cryptocurrency with human civilization’s original standard unit of value: gold. By offering physical call on all BitGold a purchaser owns in the form of 10 gram gold cubes, as well as an ability to load a card and spend gold as you would dollars in a chequing account, Bitgold represents a tangible, ready-to-use solution for use of a regulated commodity. While cryptocurrencies are still a long way from the mainstream, solutions like BitGold are making headway to bridge the gap between the fringes of tech and our daily financial transactions, not to mention creating a level of tangibility not present with digital wallet solutions for cryptocurrency storage and transfer".
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    @79Au197 @rohanibuang61 this is exactly the type of supporter we need. Anyone with audience and an intimate understanding of Bitgold.
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