I wanted to redeem the cash on my account but I got charged again on my visa!

Hi, I wanted to redeem the amount on my account but I seem to have doubled the amount of gold! Is there any way I can cancel this transaction?


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    It is not clear from your description what you did, however the best course of action for these kinds of problems is to contact [email protected] directly or call them at one of the numbers listed at http://support.bitgold.com
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    Calling support and explaining to them is your best option @elefun
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    Hi and welcome @elefun As a new member, operating our personal BitGold is just like we newly operating a new gadget. I believe you might had wrongly pressing a wrong tab that confirming a deposit instead of withdrawal. This is good lessons in practising us to be versed with our own platform.

    I think if your account if having additional saving due to the above, it is OK as your gold deposit is safe in BitGold. An easy alternative, if your want to withdraw and suppose that your GoldMoney card is already with you, then you tab the reload button on the right hand card section in the middle of your platform. You still spend with your GoldMoney card using this method. B)
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    @elefun ping @melanie with the @ symbol and she might be able to help
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    Thanks for your replies I will get in touch with the bitgold team over the phone ASAP to clear this up. As a side note @rohanibuang61, there should be a clearer notification when someone replies to you on the bitgold community, something akin to facebook's functionality when you get a new personal message (you get a little red "1" next to the inbox)
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    @melanie I just emailed bitgold support, but frankly i find it a little disappointing that you guys only offer support on business days (it says on the email reply that the team will get back to me in 1-3 business days)
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