Bitgold shares

How do I invest in bitgold as in buying their shares... Which platform can I use?



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    @hardeem since GoldMoney Inc is now listed on the main Toronto Stock Exchange (symbol is XAU) any of the major online brokers or regular brokers can execute trades in the stock for you.

    You just have to have or open an account and place your orders.

    As always you should do your own due diligence before investing in any company and make sure that you are comfortable with any risk you are taking on.

    I refer you to the various broker reports found on the Research page of
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    Yes @hardeem Stock Exchange Market is different entity from BitGold as they are governing body for all public issuing shares for public companies. They have their own appointed Brokers that execute buying and selling of shares for you. Of course you will be charged a standard service fee for their services.
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    An alternative to XAU on the Toronto Exchange is BTGDF on the US OTC
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    @hardeem @79Au197 @rohanibuang61 @GrandpaBrian Be aware that BTGDF ( I own shares) is very illiquid. Trade with caution
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    @ArtMatters Trade? What is trade? Hold B)
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    Average volume on the TSX for XAU runs between 50,000 and 200,000 per day so the small retail investor can get in and out of the stock easily enough.

    It gets more complicated for the institutional investors. If a fund wants to pick up a million shares without disturbing the market, they will have to time their buying over a week or more.

    That's why the company undertook a couple of private placements in its first year. They provided the investors with stock and the company with working capital.
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    @GrandpaBrian It appears that someone has been trying to slowly accumulate without signaling the market. Some funky stuff going on in the market depth trying to hold it down while also putting in smaller sized bid orders of accumulation. Those bigger Asks strategically placed that just slide up if the share price gets ahead of itself is the telling sign while also peppered line by line between the gaps with small sized asks trying to paint a picture to hold it down. Guess we will know in a week or so...
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    @BigD I didn't know I was that obvious >:)
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    Most of us who invested last year have had to be patient. Frankly I was glad the stock didn't run away because it gave me sufficient time to build my position as funds became available. I was able to take advantage of some of the dips to add to my stake.

    I didn't try to trade the stock, flipping in and out, because I take the view that this one is going to be a great long term play.
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    I think physical Gold and Silver are the easiest way, straight forward without hassle to buy and yet very secure personal long term investment. B)
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    @79Au197 @BigD @rohanibuang61 @GrandpaBrian Yes, great time to accumulate Bitgold shares, as I did again today. To my previous post, when I used the word 'trade' I simply meant buy or sell. I have no plans on selling my position! The medium to long term growth story is just phenomenal :) It is important for investors to understand the illiquid nature of the shares though. Otherwise an investor may not understand why their order does not fill. Not all platforms allow for foreign stocks, so they may only have the US listed shares available to "*trade"
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