Question for Roy Sebag and Josh Crumb

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@Roy Sebag and @Josh Crumb

As you know, James Rickards has gotten a lot of mention on the community site for his books. While he brings a lot of insight to the issues and history of gold and currency, he is all-in-all fairly old school and not an obvious friend to BitGold.

Based on the interviews you both have given and papers you have written you are unquestionably as knowledgeable, qualified, and enlightened as Rickards. More so actually.

What about writing a book in your "copious spare time"?

Seriously. You probably have most of the material already based on comments you have made in your interviews, round tables, and papers. Perhaps a book on the history of BitGold with sections on the history of gold as money, your formal education and self-rediscovery of the significance of gold, and how BitGold came into being.

It would be a best seller with at least a million potential readers. I'd buy a copy and even pay extra to have it signed.

Sleep on it …



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