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    But Bloomberg still misses the point. Gold is NOT an investment. Gold is money. (But you knew that)
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    @79Au197 Yes they are coming back to Gold now but still I am suspicious whether they treat Gold as Money or as an entity of manipulation.
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    @rohanibuang61 @79Au197

    Sorry Bloomberg but I have to laugh. The main article touches on the reality but the insert video to the right of the story is utter mainstream hogwash.

    "The Global Economy is Recovering" [LOL]
    "Strong Dollar [at the moment] and rising interest rates" :D [ZIRP will evolve into NIRP]
    "Warren Buffet states Gold isn't productive! [Unlike fiat currencies sitting in a next to zero deposit account with the threat of losing it all in a Bail-in]

    I'll stick to my pet rocks thanks no offense intended.

    ps Have you noticed the calls for a cashless society are growing. Euro €500 going the way of the Dodo and now the US is even looking at the $100 bill.

    Keep buying Gold, then when it hurts buy some more.
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    This gives some pretty good reasons why... in about two minutes. I was surprised it was from Sprott and not Goldmoney..
    Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist
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    @GMONEY1 that's a cool visual
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    The only thing that can devaluate Gold is Gold itself. Sounds Communistic but if Gold goes up and you own some, you go up with what you have. The more people working and using it, the more valuable it gets. Also, is barricaded against bank shenanigans. FOREX will disapear, along with other things like Fractional Banking and "Printing" to no end. All countries will be pegged to the same value. Is Decentrilized and Bankers, since they cannot manipulate it, they hate it to passion. One Global "Currency" own by everybody; not like the IMF SDR that is another Dollar on a Global Corrupted Bank.

    Is not really Gold, can be any hard to obtain material but is worldwide accepted as the monetary de facto. Is Plentiful for all to have and Scaresed enough to keep its value... kind of sit on a sweet spot.
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