Gold price spike ???

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Check out the most recent activity …


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    Computer glitch? … or the first hint of market instability?
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    @79Au197 Not sure how often you watch the COMEX action but this is a great place to see the manipulation happen first hand. The COMEX is bombed at specific times and this is covered extensively by Craig Henke and Andy Hoffman. The manner in which contracts are sold are inconsistent with any seller interested in getting the best price possible for his trade. This makes no rational sense. A real seller would stage his sells so that he was not overly influencing the price and working against himself. The way things work on the COMEX make no sense to a real seller and are only done for one reason. This is a broad topic but it's so obviously being done it should be embarrassing to those doing it.
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    @79Au197 Gold and Silver are still under rigging and manipulation and hopefully 2016 will be the turning point for their turn to bull market.
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