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    Can't wait to see the new products. I love my BitGold account. When I first read about BitGold eight months ago I thought it was a stupid idea. I discussed it with some of my friends and every one dismissed it as a bad idea not to be trusted. I kept reading and studying the concept and realized that it is nothing short of a brilliant idea. I am now a daily user of BitGold and a shareholder. Many of my friends now see the opportunity. However, there are still a lot of people I tell about BitGold and they simply think I'm crazy for being so passionate about it. They can't comprehend the concept. This is going main stream and will change the world for the better. Keep up the good work. This is revolution!
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    If you like science fiction and/or historical fiction, checkout the Neal Stephenson book, Cryptonomicon

    With regard to why? See: http://community.bitgold.com/discussion/121/cryptonomicon

    PS: I strongly agree with every one of your points above B)
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    @nigelmarkdias happy to share ideas on multiple platforms!

    @Pinkdog Totally. I think everyone has some degree of natural skepticism but if you start digging deeper we all reached a Tipping point where we trusted Bitgold to make that first deposit. Hmmm I have an idea for a new thread..
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    Thanks 79AU197 for the book recommendation. I'm ordering it this weekend. Sounds like a good read.
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