Which will climb faster …

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… the price of gold?

Or the price of XAU / BTGDF shares?

Anyone want to make a prediction and explain why?


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    I think the share price will climb faster and has the potential to double in the next year more than gold does.

    Gold has been on a steady rise since the start of the year but is having trouble getting over 1300/oz.
    an economic collapse is coming but I think it will be towards the end of the 3rd quarter before that really materialises. for that reason I think gold might go to around 1350 in the next few months before it accelerates from there around Sep, Oct.

    The company shares seem to be getting more and more attention and a 260,000 order yesterday would suggest that big institutions are beginning to take notice. If this type of demand continues it is only going to drive the share price up. Also the KPI's, if the continue at there current pace that shows that this company is going to grow into a big fintech company. At the end of the day the more users the platform has and the more transactions they make that will add to the bottom line and in tern drive up the price.

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    In one sense, XAU will be like gold miners - as the price of gold goes up the revenues increase dramatically but the operating costs tend to stay the same, resulting in a major increase in profits.

    GoldMoney will enjoy a similar lift from the Network Effect. The price of gold goes up, so more people put more gold on the platform, which increases profits. The network does the heavy lifting and they really don't need many more people. The next million users will be served by adding a few more servers and a few more support people.

    If gold increases by 20%, the good gold miners will increase by 100%.... And it would not surprise me to see XAU increase by 400%.
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    Gold up 20% => GoldMoney shares up 400%

    I like the way you think!
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    @79Au197 As for me it is just sufficient to keep Physical Gold as Insurance without thinking of too much on profit. :)
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    The only scenario I would see gold climbing faster would be an all-out economic disaster. Barring that shares should do much better.
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