Price Discovery of GoldCube™s on eBay

79Au19779Au197 Posts: 4,047 Gold ✭✭✭✭✭

BitGold GoldCube™s continue to be the lowest premium way to own 0.9999 bullion grade gold. The BitGold store on eBay is another way to score GoldCube™s, without the need of redeeming from your BitGold account.

With gold hovering around USD $40-41/g, the winning bid price for GoldCube™s is right on target. In fact, since purchasing from eBay does NOT require redemption from your BitGold account, you save 2% on the round-trip transaction fees and 0.5g on the physical redemption fee.

Of course you have to win the bid while not over bidding. B)


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